Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Date, place of birth:27.11.1978, Strzelce Opolskie (Poland)
Civil status:married, 2 children (2012, 2014)


  since 2009 professional services and project management
axmann geoinformation

- projects (management and implementaion)
- trainings and workshops (developing and implementation)
- first level support
- expertises (GDI)
- services at the customer's side
- sales
- budget planing

  Product Owner ""

- developing and adapting the product vision
- writing new user stories and acceptance tests
- ordering the product backlog
- release planning

2008 - 2009 Research associate
University of Vienna,
Departement of Geography and Regional Research,
Division: Cartography and GIS

- programming of web applications (CHIS)
- database and application design
- cartographic design
- administrating of the divisions IT-systems

2004 - 2007 Graduate assistant at
German Aerospace Center (DLR),
Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF),
Division: Marine Remote Sensing

- processing of airborne and satellite data
- spectral analysis and environmental mapping of multi-
   and hyperspectral data
- visualization of measurement results
- archiving, indexing and documentaion of remote sensing data
- planning of aerial surveys
- analysis and comparision of calibration results of different sensors
- accuracy analysis of rectified data
- detection of sensor boresight parameters
   for the geometrical rectification of images
- conceptual design of a database for remote-sensing datasets
- programming of applications and batches (C, C-Shell)
- image processing
- preparation of presentations
- assistance in field campaigns

2005 - 2007 Freelanced Cartographer

- web programming, media-technology, cartography
- conceptual design, code conversion and support of websites
- database and application design
- development of web applications
- creation of multimedia presentations
- print-layout and prepress
- creation of info-graphics and survey maps
- image processing


  Product Owner Advanced certified by bor!sgloger
  FME Certified Trainer by Safe Software
  FME Certified Professional by Safe Software

Experiences Abroad

2007 - 2008 Travelling across Asia and Australia
(Russia, Mongolia, China, Southeast Asia, Australia)


2005 - 2006 Thesis at German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Title: "Multi- and hyperspectral classification of wetlands
using derivative analysis and Spectral Unmixing"

2000 - 2005 Studies of Cartography and Geomedia Technology
at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich
Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS),
Cartography, Media Technology, Databases
Degree: Graduate Engineer (Master)

1997 - 1999 Military service in mountain infantry unit 233 in Mittenwald
13 months in combat unit, 10 months command unit

1995 - 1997 Secondary school Straubing, Germany
Degree: A-level

1991 - 1995 Secondary junior school Straubing, Germany
Degree: O-level


2003 - 2004 German Aerospace Center (DLR),
Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF),
Division: Photogrammetry and Image Analysis &
             SAR Signal Processing
- analysis of SAR-Data in the test stage of the
SAR-satellite-sensor TerraSAR-X
- processing of airborne data
- parametric rectification
- mosaiccing and adaptation into the UTM-system
- accuracy analysis

2003 AIR | Graphic Artisan in Ko Tao, Thailand

- creation of a touristic map of Ko Tao

2003 National Research Center for Environment and Health (GSF)
Institute of Radiation Protection (ISS)

- acquisition of test fields for wheat species experiments into a GIS
- feeding of the data into datbases of the
research association for agricultural ecosystems (FAM)

2002 Bavarian Bureau of Geology

- creation of the digital geological map 1 : 25 000
(digitalization, appropriation of shape attributes
and symbolization of the map content using ESRI ArcGIS)

2000 Bavarian Land Surveying Office

- digital updating of topographic maps
- editing of ATKIS-Data
- creation of the digital
land register map and touristic maps
- preprint


German native speaker

English Proficiant Speaker
(Business English level 1)

Polish native speaker

Russian Basic knowledge
(private study, 6 weeks in Russia)

Economic Knowledge
Experience in sales and project distribution

2005 - 2007 Experience in independent services

Studying subjects: Technology and Calculation
Cost Accounting and Results Accounts
Quality management
Legal Doctrine

Social Skills
College branch of study: Psychology and Pedagogics

5 years as FME Trainer certified by Safe Software


Spatial ETL FME und FME Server (Certified Professional by Safe Software)

GIS software ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD 3D Map, Intergraph GeoMedia, GRASS GIS

GIS dataformats ESRI Shape, ESRI Geodatabase (filebased, mdb, enterprise), Intergraph GeoMedia, MicroStation DGN, MapInfo, AutoDesk DWG/DXF, AutoDesk SDF

WebGIS UMN Mapserver, OpenLayers, GeoServer, GeoJSON, GML, KML

spatial databases Oracle Spatial Object, Oracle Georaster, PostGIS, Spatial Data (SQL Server), MySQL Spatial, SpatiaLite

CAD Autodesk AutoCAD

NIS Intergraph G/Technology, rmDATA PGIS, ArcFM UT

remote sensing ERDAS Imagine, Global Mapper, XDibias (DLR), RSI ENVI


scripting PHP, JavaSript, Ajax

databases Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access


web MS IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat

programming Visual Basic, C, Python, PEARL, Java (basics)


operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

graphics & layout Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, QuarkExpress

internet & multi-media Adobe Creative Suite (Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere)

office Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Open Office, Origin


  running, climbing, diving, travelling, photography

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